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Friday, June 2, 2017

Week of RangerBar 3: Original Sin

Pink Power Pass Only             Everyone

July 1st-

 1pm-5pm: Costume Construction Corner & Contest 
6pm-7pm: RangerBar's Rise of the Zords VR Experience 
9pm-2am: Master V.I.L.E.'s Villain Ball 

July 2nd-

1pm-3pm: Lil Sorbo's Legacy Wars Class and Tournament 
4pm-5pm: Nerds VS Casuals- Tiger Trivial Pursuit Challenge 
7pm-10pm: The Fred Dryer Dinner 
11pm-2am: SlutRangers Smoke-down Experiance 

July 3rd-

1pm-5pm: The Micheal Pare Ice Cream Promenade 
6pm-7pm: A to Z with Monica May
7pm-8pm: Captain Ron: Hollywood's New IT Boy
8:30pm-9:30pm: RBar Burlesque ft. Miss May
11pm-1am: The 7th Annual RangerBar Fancy Dinner Dress Party 

July 4th-

1-5pm: RangerBar Arcade
7pm-2am: The 4th of July Mega-Battle BBQ Bonanza ft. Ron Rogge & Monica May

July 5th-

1pm-5pm: Shop Till You Drop- Tricky's, Dorky's, Buzzy's
6pm-7pm: RangerBar The Game # 1-Slut Ranger's Quest
7pm-8pm: The My Two Dads Murder Mystery 
8pm-12am: The Tower Taco Bar
12am-3am: Salute to Actions Unsung Heroes

July 6th-

1pm-5pm: Tinkertopia Zord Building Competition 
 8pm-11:30am: RangerBar's Small Town Takeover - Elbe 

July 7th-

12am-11:30am: RangerBar's Small Town Takeover -Elbe 
3pm-7pm: The Big Bad Beetleborgs Bahama Brunch 
7pm-8pm: Backpack Closing Ceremonies 

Pink Power Pass Purchase Options

3 Day Pink Power Pass 75$                   Available: 66
Choose any 3 days during the Week of RangerBar to experience with full access. Also still receive over 100$ in toy gift certificates.

1 Day Pink Power Pass 40$                  Available: 50
Choose the one day that you want to go! Sorry no toy gift certificates with the one day pass.

***All Pink Power Pass guests receive a WeekofRangerBar Backpack containing:
·       Action Figure
·       Trading Card
·       WeekofRangerBar T-Shirt
·       VCR
·       Sticker
·       Comic Book
**Must attend all 7 days to receive a backpack.
***Guest receive backpack at next WoRB.