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Friday, August 29, 2014

Late Night at the RangerBar intro

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ride With RangerBar

Do you need a ride to the airport from PMC on Monday?

Ride with RangerBar!

-Cheaper than a taxi.

-Trivia contest for prizes.

-Watch original VHS recordings of your favorite seasons that include the original commericals. MMPR, ZEO, and the pre-9/11 Time Force edits.

Get in touch with us any of these ways to set up a time:




Hotline: 206-279-6813

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Top 10 People We Want to Sleep With at PMC4

10. Cerina Vincent (Maya)  photo cerinav_zps91574180.jpg
If she isn't put on the list people lose their gosh darn minds.

9. Azim Rizk (Jake)
 photo Jake_zpsb5bd6808.jpg
Gia might be able to resist his charms but we can't.

8. Melody Perkins(Astronema/Karone)
 photo MelodyPerkins_zps4731206f.jpg
Not only is Melody going to be there, but so is Astronema's throne. Time to act out that Silver Ranger fan fiction of yours.

7. Hilary Shepard Turner(Divatox)
 photo hillaryshepardturner_zpsc8be7b07.jpg
Divatox's bust was used to cover a lot of the plot holes in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

6. Brad Hawkins(Ryan Steele)
 photo BradHawkins_zpsf871430d.jpg
His career is on fire right now and his songs make your panties drop.

5. The Elk(with wet hair)
 photo elk_zpscd778489.jpg
Dry he is your average Seth Rogen lookalike. Once his hair gets wet he turns into this beefcake that belongs on a cover of a romance novel.

4. Vernon Wells(Ransik)
 photo Vernonwells_zpse724cc26.jpg
Mr. Wells continues to use his charm and wit to make people at PMC swoon with desire.

3. Monica May(Z)
 photo monicamay_zps50998673.jpg
A good way to bump up your spot on the list is become a burlesque dancer in-between conventions.

2. Erin Cahill(Jen)
 photo Erin-cahill-205280_zps6066d5e0.jpg
There are the people you have a crush on from watching the show. Then there are the people you meet from the show that you have a crush on because they are an amazing person.

1. Ron Rogge(Capt. Mitchell) 
 photo RonRogge_zpsafa66de1.jpg
At PMC 3 Ron Rogge proved he didn't need a mustache to be the most fuckable man on the planet. He can rap, kill it with the ladies, all while dressed like he is on his way to play a round of Frisbee Golf.

Honorable Mentions: 

Alison Macinnis(Dana)
 photo AlisonMcniinis_zpsf67a58c2.jpg
Alison has been setting the convention circuit on fire with her smoldering eyes; destroying the notion that blondes have more fun.

EZ Rider(TokuTime)
 photo ezrider.jpg
Does he have a girlfriend still? Is he still a virgin? We don't know! Lets fine out.

Carol Hoyt(Divatox)
 photo CarolHoyt_zpsd4999aae.jpg
If TV corset guidelines were different, this could have been a totally different list.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Unauthorized, Unapproved, Uncalled for. The Nights belong to RangerBar.

 photo PMCNights_zpsd6356058.png


Uptight Citizens Brigade's Spoiler Country of Doctor WHO (written by RBar's own IMPY!)

UCB Theatre
5919 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028


RangerBar's Pink Dolphin Party 


Sheraton Hotel
303 Cordova St, Pasadena, CA 91101
Room #: 267


RangerBar's After After Party


Sheraton Hotel
303 Cordova St, Pasadena, CA 91101
Room #: TBA

 photo BaywatchNights_zpsdcaef2ee.jpg