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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week of RangerBar 2 Schedule

Pink Power Pass Only             Everyone

July 1st-
9am-5pm: Get picked up from the airport and be escorated to the all new RangerBar headquarters to get checked in.
6pm-9pm: 6 System Video Game Tournament for prizes.
9:30pm-4am: Dress as your favorite bad guy and dance the night away at Master Vile's Villain Ball.

July 2nd-
12:30pm-5pm: Everyone is given gift cards and taken to all the local hot spots to get the hottest toys.
8pm-2am: Destiny Turns on the Radio: A SlutRanger Smokedown Experience. 

July 3rd-
2pm-5pm: Race to the Volcano Remote Control Challenge for prizes.
6pm-8: Time Travel Trivia Typhoon for prizes. 

9pm-12am: RangerBar Rocki'n it at Stonegate.
1am-4am: Mazes and Monsters tournament.

July 4th-
1pm-2am: Spend the 4th of July with us as we unlock all of RangerBar weapons in a Legendary Battle BBQ.

July 5th-

2pm-7pm: The Micheal Pare Parade.

9pm-1am: The Fred Dryer Dinner.

2am-3am: Power Rangers-Murder Force screening. 

July 6th-
2pm-: Island of Illusion Campout.

July 7th-
Island of Illusion Campout.

***All Pink Power Pass guests receive a WeekofRangerBar Backpack containing:
·       Action Figure
·       Trading Card
·       WeekofRangerBar T-Shirt
·       VCR
·       Sticker
·       Comic Book
**Must attend all 7 days to receive a backpack.
***Guest receive backpack at next WoRB.