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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Slut but Silent Type


The artist formely known as ShyRanger has come under the tutelage of the Ranger Bar crew. He won't be saying much of anything at first, but after the social mind control takes a hold, expect big changes. Watch this Boner blossom into the new Mike Seaver.
Age: 30

Location: Seattle, WA

Favorite Season of PR: Lost Galaxy

Favorite Ranger: Tommy

Hobbies: Watching TV & DVDs, playing video games, reading Nintendo Power, collecting stickers & Mario/Zelda series toys, working on my websites & PR-related video.

Favorite Show besides PR: Smallville

Motto: Life is Good

A New Power Rangers Podcast is Coming......

This Friday premiers Ranger Bars new podcast...

Ranger Bar Radio's WKRB in the Lost Galaxy promises to give you Power Ranger discussion like never before. Along with talk about life, love, and other science fiction television.

All this week we will be spotlighting the cast. Stay tuned...