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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Week of RangerBar 4: Pump Up The Jam!

July 1st
4:00pm- Battle for the Grid: Tournament of Champions
Test your skills for prizes in the new game or play classic Power Ranger titles in the RangerBar arcade.

9:00pm- Fortnite Pacifists Class
Members of the RangerBar crew teach you how to win at Fortnite without trying to kill anyone.

10:00pm- Master V.I.L.E.'s Villains Ball
Dress as your favorite villain while you dance, drink and eat the night away.

July 2nd
1:00pm- Shop Till You Drop
Pink Power Pass holders are given over 100$ in gift certificates; then taken on a tour of Ranger toy hot-spots and arcades.

6:00pm- Uncle Cecil's Tasting Room
Taste & shop for exotic liquors on the first field trip of the week. 

10:00pm- Zeo Ranger 5 Taco Bar 
Eat tacos from around the world with a Red Starred Ranger vibe.

11:00pm- Unsung Heroes of Action Tribute
View action titles from some of Power Rangers lesser known heroes.

July 3rd
2:00pm- The Micheal Pare Ice Cream Parade  
  Enjoy unlimited scoops from the ice cream bar as the parade marches down the waterfront. 

5:00pm- SlutRanger's Smokedown
The RangerBar gets locked down and the sweat lodge challenge begins.

9:00pm- The Fred Dryer Dinner 
Feast on a 5 star dinner while showcasing the works of Fred Dryer.

July 4th
3:00pm- The Mega 4th of July Slime Party
Purple Slime, Celebrity Guests, Bands, Drinks, Food, Marionettes, and Mayhem.

11:00pm- Impy's Quest: A Virtual Adventure
Play at the RangerBar or online in a new video game!

July 5th
1:00pm- The Beast Morphers Boujee Brunch
Get on your fancy hat and eat some crepes while viewing the newest season.

7:00pm- The Tower: The Experience
View The Tower like never before in this 4D experience

10:00pm- The Sailormoon Cupcake Bake-off
Test your baking skills in this zany competition.

11:00pm- The Cajun Country Music and Movie Festival
Eat Gator while you watch Gator as we take you back home to the Nola Square.

July 6th
2:00pm- Some Strings Attached: A Gerry Anderson Tribute
Puppets and marionettes serve you brunch as we pay tribute to the father of Supermarionation.

4:00pm- Mazes & Monsters - A Glimpse Into Insanity
Try not to lose your mind in this exciting new board game based off the movie.

9:00pm- The My Two Dads Murder Mystery in Montesano
Journey to Montesano and try to solve the murder of Marcy Bradford.

July 7th
2:00pm- The Beetleborgs Bahama Brunch
Eat like a Hawaiian prince while you go back to that haunted mansion.

5:00pm- Back Pack Ceremony
We honor those who have completed a full week of RangerBar in the past.

6:00pm- Heroes of The Grid 
Get a chance to try out the new Power Rangers board game.

8:00pm- Mummies Alive Live!
Real mummies live streamed for your enjoyment.

10:00pm- Ninja Storm Candlelight Viewing
Rest in power Pua.

*This schedule will definitely change. Plan accordingly. 

We recommend staying at the Hotel Murano during your trip for its exceptional quality and closeness to the RangerBar. If you would like to sleep at RangerBar please e-mail us directly at RangerBar@gmail.com 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Week of RangerBar 4: Pump Up The Jam

Tickets go on sale 4/20!

July 1st-7th  RangerBar Tacoma, WA