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Monday, July 29, 2013

Week of RangerBar Nights6&7

BatZilla98's Week of RangerBar Night6-7 album on Photobucket

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week of RangerBar Night5

BatZilla98's Week of RangerBar Night5 album on Photobucket

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monsterous Ball

Week of RangerBar Schedule

Schedule                    Pink Power Pass Only             Everyone
July 1st-
9am-9pm: Get picked up from the airport in the BatZilla98 Batzmobile where you will be escorted to RangerBar headquarters to get checked in.
9:30pm-4am: Dress up as your favorite villain and dance the night away at Master Vile's Monsters' Ball.
July 2nd-

12:30pm-5pm: Everyone is given gift cards and taken to all the local hot spots to get the hottest toys.
8pm-2am: MtG, Rangerstike, Alien VS Predator,  card game tournaments for prizes. Build something at the Lego Station or choose from miles of Hotwheels track. Bring a couple friends and grab something from The History of Board Games.
July 3rd-
12pm-6pm: Tribute to Paul Reiser.
8pm-4-am: RangerBar Radio goes live! Host for an hour. Take some calls or just enjoy time with The Stuffed Animal Audience.
July 4th-
1pm-2am: Spend 4th of July with us as we haul in 100 Gallons of purple ooze to recreate the famous party scene from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie. Enjoy boating, BBQ, booze and fireworks.

July 5th-
12:30pm-4:30pm: An ice cream social with the RangerBrrr!-Ice Cream Truck.
5pm-11pm: Video Game Tournament for prizes.
12am-6am: Tribute to Dolph Lundgren.
July 6th-
2pm-7pm: Slut Ranger & Tron present the MC Party Bus! Climb aboard as they take you on an old school arcade tour.
8pm-2am: Meet the MC Party Bus at its final destination world famous arcade Dorky's.
July 7th-
1pm-4pm: Judge local artists (or join in yourself) at the famous The Garages in a Power Rangers spray paint challenge for cash and prizes.
7pm-12am: Enjoy "special" baked goods from Strangers Candy at the Big Bad Beetle Borg Banquet while you wait for the Batz Batzmobile to take you to your flight.
All Pink Power Pass guests receive a WeekofRangerBar Back Pack containing:
·       Action Figure
·       Trading Card
·       WeekofRangerBar T-Shirt
·       VCR
·       Sticker
·       Comic Book