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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 People Who Rocked PMC3 and 5 Who Sucked


5. Catherine Sutherland(Kat) 
Maybe it was the 18+ Panel or some residual Rita magic but the bad girl really seemed to come out this year in Zeo Ranger 1.

4. Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy(Bulk & Skull)
 They don't charge for autographs and make everyone feel special. Its hard to imagine a PMC now without these two running around causing damage to the convention center and drinking fans under the table.

3. The Cast of Megaforce
Most of us heard the screams before we even saw them walking through the crowd in full costume. They didn't say anything, but they didn't have to. 

2. Zack 
No not the Black Ranger. This twelve year old bad-ass had Power Ranger knowledge beyond his years and managed to asked better panel questions than most of the adults. See you when your 18 Zack.

1. Ron Rogge(Captain Mitchell)
He blew everyone away the first night at the 18+ Panel and continued pimping away the entire weekend. Ron Rogge showed why they call him Captain with his mad rhyme skillz and the swagger to make the ladies buckle.


5. GreenNinja(RangerBoard)
 Don't constantly ditch your friends who have been waiting to meet you for years to hang out with your dad.

4. FuryDiamond(Rangercrew)
Don't tell a bunch of people you are going to buy them all food then only do it for one person. 

3. Raz
Nobody wants to hear your snarky, rude, and unfunny comments during a panel we payed to hear.

2. Scott Page-Pagter
His panel was on the last day and he spent the weekend hyping it up. We spent 10$ to sit listening to audio files of Rangers saying "fuck" and the other half watching Scott try to find the files on his computer.

1. The Fat Silver Guardian Chicks
These volunteers walk around the convention like they own the place and seem to make it their mission to be rude to as many people as possible. We don't have a picture of these 2 ladies because they were trying to charge people money to do so! We hope Mr. Collins fires them for PMC4.