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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Small Town Takeover 2: Montesano

RBar Premier presents Small Town Takeover 2: Montesano. An evening of fun for wild ones.

Tickets- 40$
Currently Include:
-1 night party house accomedations
-Geppetto's World Famous Pizza dinner
-4 house party drinks

7-11pm: Bar Crawl
11-2am: House Party

Saturday, October 21, 2017

RBAR Premier

For nearly 10 years we have been throwing parties in our home town. Now we are taking them to yours! To help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and the 10th anniversary of RangerBar we will be holding all new experiences in new small towns and big cities in 5 different states across America.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Power @ The Puyallup 9: Lundgren's Liaison's

To 9 years and beyond! Follow us on twitter @RangerBar the 21st, 22nd, and the 23rd while you are at the Washington State Fair. Spot any one of the RangerBar crew and collect your FREE action figure. But don't let your fun stop there...

Thursday 21st:
12-3pm: Photos with Batman & Superman- FREE
4-7pm: Tumbleweed Wild West Gunfight Stunt Show- FREE
7:30-9:30pm- KNDD Presents Modest Mouse and Built to Spill- $34*

Friday 22nd:
12-7:30pm: Unlimited Funtastic Midway and SillyVille rides- $42
7:30-9:30pm: An Evening With Earth, Wind & Fire- $31*

11pm-4am: RangerBar Power @ The Puyallup9 After Party AT THE RangerBar- FREE

Saturday 23rd:
7:30-9:30pm: Marlon Wayans- FREE

*Door price after Fair Admission.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

RangerBar The Game #1: SlutRanger's Quest

RangerBar The Game #1: SlutRanger's Quest

Play in your browser or download the Bloxels app and punch in coordinates 1989,2028 into the Infinity Wall on your phone.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Week of RangerBar 3: Original Sin

Pink Power Pass Only             Everyone

July 1st-

 1pm-5pm: Costume Construction Corner & Contest 
6pm-7pm: RangerBar's Rise of the Zords VR Experience 
9pm-2am: Master V.I.L.E.'s Villain Ball 

July 2nd-

1pm-3pm: Lil Sorbo's Legacy Wars Class and Tournament 
4pm-5pm: Nerds VS Casuals- Tiger Trivial Pursuit Challenge 
7pm-10pm: The Fred Dryer Dinner 
11pm-2am: SlutRangers Smoke-down Experiance 

July 3rd-

1pm-5pm: The Micheal Pare Ice Cream Promenade 
6pm-7pm: A to Z with Monica May
7pm-8pm: Captain Ron: Hollywood's New IT Boy
8:30pm-9:30pm: RBar Burlesque ft. Miss May
11pm-1am: The 7th Annual RangerBar Fancy Dinner Dress Party 

July 4th-

1-5pm: RangerBar Arcade
7pm-2am: The 4th of July Mega-Battle BBQ Bonanza ft. Ron Rogge & Monica May

July 5th-

1pm-5pm: Shop Till You Drop- Tricky's, Dorky's, Buzzy's
6pm-7pm: RangerBar The Game # 1-Slut Ranger's Quest
7pm-8pm: The My Two Dads Murder Mystery 
8pm-12am: The Tower Taco Bar
12am-3am: Salute to Actions Unsung Heroes

July 6th-

1pm-5pm: Tinkertopia Zord Building Competition 
 8pm-11:30am: RangerBar's Small Town Takeover - Elbe 

July 7th-

12am-11:30am: RangerBar's Small Town Takeover -Elbe 
3pm-7pm: The Big Bad Beetleborgs Bahama Brunch 
7pm-8pm: Backpack Closing Ceremonies 

Pink Power Pass Purchase Options

3 Day Pink Power Pass 75$                   Available: 66
Choose any 3 days during the Week of RangerBar to experience with full access. Also still receive over 100$ in toy gift certificates.

1 Day Pink Power Pass 40$                  Available: 50
Choose the one day that you want to go! Sorry no toy gift certificates with the one day pass.

***All Pink Power Pass guests receive a WeekofRangerBar Backpack containing:
·       Action Figure
·       Trading Card
·       WeekofRangerBar T-Shirt
·       VCR
·       Sticker
·       Comic Book
**Must attend all 7 days to receive a backpack.
***Guest receive backpack at next WoRB. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Week of RangerBar 3 Guests!

July 3rd and 4th at Week of RangerBar 3: Original Sin, we are proud to welcome:

                                          Ron Rogge

                 And an SPD burlesque performance from...

                                                               Monica May